Jon Schneidman and Stephen Rees discuss Kanye West's new album, Peyton Manning's sexual assault allegations, the 2016 presidential election, Scalia's replacement, and the name for a pasta strainer.

The National Podcast, Episode 3: The Life of Pablo and Death of Scalia

February 19, 2016 / by , / 1 Comment

The National Podcast is back for episode 3, featuring money vocab words, pasta strainers, and perhaps the hottest take yet.

This week, Jon Schneidman and Stephen Rees discuss Kanye West’s mess of an album roll out for The Life of Pablo, the GRAMMY’s (10:15), Peyton Manning, his sexual harassment allegations, and the ensuing Shaun King v. Jason Whitlock brouhaha (14:55), the Pope’s twitter feud with Donald Trump (35:00), The Bernster (43:30), Jon’s meeting with Chillary Clinton (47:00), and the life and death of Antonin Scalia (59:40).

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