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National Ave Exclusive: Donald Trump’s 100 Day Plan

January 10, 2017 / by / 0 Comment

As the country waits for President Obama to head back to Chicago and give an eloquent farewell address, we got a hold of President Elect Trump’s Diary, in which he states his plans for his first 100 Days as President:


The 10 Worst Things Donald Trump Did This Month (December 2016)

January 04, 2017 / by / 0 Comment

As Donald Trump continues to transition, he also continues to do things that are, um, not good.

Donald Trump is actually fucking beating Hillary in the polls. Time to freak the living shit out.

Trump’s up in the polls. Let’s freak the fuck out.

July 25, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

It’s happening. Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the race for president, according to a whole shit ton of polls released after the GOP convention.

If Donald Trump was actually a world-famous billionaire, wouldn’t he have been using the secret billionaire’s club to hide his money?

Hot Takes In Your Area: The Panama Papers Prove Donald Trump Is A Terrible Businessman

April 05, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

The news this week that the world’s elite used a shady network of financial institutions to hide their money offshore came as a surprise to literally no one, except apparently the Icelandic pixie-people who emerged from their magical woodlands to oust a prime minister and giggle.


A Battle Royale Among TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2014

April 25, 2014 / by / 25 Comments

Yesterday, TIME Magazine released its list of 2014’s Most Influential People. Divided into categories of Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, and Icons, it’s a robust list, boasting some of the most important names of this generation. So naturally, we asked ourselves the question: What would happen if all of these distinguished individuals were placed in an enormous arena (sans weapons) and asked to fight to the death?

Russian President invades Ukraine due to his hatred of pizza

Vladimir Putin Hates Pizza

March 05, 2014 / by / 14 Comments

Vladimir Putin hates pizza. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, the President of Russia has demonstrated repeatedly through diplomatic efforts and hard-power flexing that he prefers a multi-polar international community, in which Russia is one of those alternate poles.


10 Photos of Adorable Animals Expressing Misgivings About the Sochi Olympics

February 17, 2014 / by / 25 Comments

The cutest animals you’ve ever seen speak their mind about the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.