A Line-by-Line Analysis of “Panda” by Desiigner

August 04, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

As the weeks go on, it looks more and more like “Panda” by Desiigner is going to be the song of the summer. However, nobody really knows what it’s about (be quiet, cultured people).

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The Best Albums of 2016 (so far)

July 05, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Hard as it may be to believe, 2016 is already more than halfway over. And despite what the Trump campaign or British xenophobia may have you believe, it hasn’t all been terrible this year either, at least not music-wise.

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If These GOP Presidential Candidates Were Rap Songs of 2015

December 15, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

We determined which hip hop song of 2015 was most applicable to these six Republican presidential candidates because, if we’re being honest, we just really needed something enjoyable to laugh about with these candidates.

Hip hop is pop music, and there's one man to thank: Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Is the Most Important Man in Music

March 16, 2015 / by / 5 Comments

Hip hop is pop music, and there’s one man to thank: Lloyd Banks(?!?!)

We did a better job than Gawker of ranking Kanye's album tracks

A Better Ranking of Kanye West’s Album Tracks

September 25, 2014 / by / 140 Comments

Last week, Gawker published a numerical ranking of every single Kanye West album track. It was horrible for several reasons: it didn’t offer a single explanation for any of its choices, it gave the totally decent “Never Let Me Down” the top spot and it ranked “So Appalled” dead last. I’m still reeling from the last one, and might never read Gawker again as a result.

A mid-year report of the albums released in 2014 so far

The 35 best albums of the year (so far)

July 22, 2014 / by / 56 Comments

2014 has been an intriguing year for music so far. From Iggy Azalea’s Thinkpiece bait LP to the apparent instatement of an industry-wide mandate that every rap album feature at least one Kendrick Lamar verse, we’ve witnessed some major developments and awesome albums so far. Here are the 35 best albums released in 2014 so far:

A list of four great hip-hop artists, "Nujabes," "RA the Rugged Man," "Binary Star," and "Input"

Four Great Hip-Hop Artists You Might Not Have Heard Of

May 08, 2014 / by / 1 Comment

One of the great pleasures in life is discovering music that you really like. One great equivalent pleasure is to share that music with other people. Since I was tragically born tone-deaf and have the same sense of rhythm as a Model T’s engine, I am forced to share other people’s music. Without further ado, here are four great hip-hop artists you might not have heard of.

Review of Rick Ross' #1 rap album "Mastermind"

#1 Review in America: Rick Ross’ “Mastermind”

March 20, 2014 / by / 29 Comments

Each week we make Stephen listen to the #1 album in America. This week, Stephen listens to Rick Ross’ Mastermind.


The Macklemore Theory

January 29, 2014 / by , / 54 Comments

We used to love Macklemore. Now people aren’t so sure. What happened? And why? The answer, perhaps, can be explained with the Macklemore Theory.