National Ave Exclusive: Donald Trump’s 100 Day Plan

January 10, 2017 / by / 0 Comment

As the country waits for President Obama to head back to Chicago and give an eloquent farewell address, we got a hold of President Elect Trump’s Diary, in which he states his plans for his first 100 Days as President:

The house takes a trip to Mexico on episode 5 of The Bachelor season 20

The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap: Beer In Mexico

February 01, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

On episode five of The Bachelor, the house participates in the most important televised popularity contest of the night, which in this case is located in Mexico City, not Iowa. Welcome to our weekly recap of The Bachelor.

How will Trump pay for his Mexican wall?

How will the GOP solve its Mexican Wall problem?

April 17, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

As the fiscally responsible Gay Old Party (I think that’s what it stands for, or something like that) pushes forward on spending $14 Billion of tax-payer’s money on building a wall (ask the Chinese how well this fucking idea works) one has to wonder about the logistics of this reverse Statue of Liberty which has so emboldened the angry tangerine in D.C. The most important question now is – who will build it?