A triumph of both lyrically tenderness and lo-fi intensity, Puberty 2 has overtaken Kanye West’s ever-evolving The Life of Pablo as the best album of the year.

500 words on Why Mitski’s Puberty 2 is my favorite Album of 2016

June 17, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

I’m an easy person to please. I like my rock n’ roll sad and about love. The more times someone sings “cry” the better. I have the album cover of Sea Change on my bedroom wall for crying out loud.

What Zayn Malik's sexy smash hit can teach us about defeating the existential threat of ISIS

How Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” gave us a strategy to defeat ISIS

March 11, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Zayn Malik’s sexy smash “Pillowtalk” is already one of the biggest hits of 2016. But what you may not know is that the single not only is a commercial success and dirty redirection of the singer’s style, but also lays out a cogent blueprint for defeating one of the international community’s most dangerous and existential threats:

A line-by-line analysis of Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil' Wayne's "Truffle Butter"

The True Meaning of Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter”

March 06, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Since last summer the should-have-been-Academy-Award nominated song “Truffle Butter” has been blaring across suburban exercise classes across the country.

Kanye West's album release rollout for The Life of Pablo is a goddamn mess right now. So why isn't the media saying anything about it?

Kanye West Is A Goddamn Unholy Mess Right Now

February 15, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

You wanna know how I know Kanye is wrong when he says the media treats him unfairly? They are not killing him at the moment.

On episode three of The Bachelor, Ben forgot his Ray Bans, and the sheets of the Bachelor House were still orange from so many spray on tans.

The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap: No more parties in L.A.

January 18, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

On episode three of The Bachelor, Ben forgot his Ray Bans, and the sheets of the Bachelor House were still orange from so many spray on tans. Welcome to our weekly recap of The Bachelor.

Ranking the top 15 greatest Christmas albums of all time

The 15 Straight Up Greatest Christmas Albums of All Time

December 15, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

Christmas comes but once a year, yet somehow we as a society allow Christmas music to play ad nauseam for nearly 10% of the calendar year.

Adele's album '25' has sold more albums in a week than any other artist ever (probably)

Holy shitsnacks, Adele’s ’25’ has sold a buttload of albums

December 02, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

The numbers are in, and it turns out that Adele has sold so, so, so many albums over the last week. Like, 3.38 million albums.

Adele's new single "Hello" is the same old same old, which is apparently what a lot of people want to hear.

Review: Adele’s like “Hey, what’s up? Hello.”

November 04, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

#1 Review in America is our regular recap of what’s happening at the top of the charts. This week we’re checkin in on Adele, who’s single “Hello” officially debuted at #1 last Tuesday. 

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Unreleased Tracks from the Sufjan Stevens Album ‘Illinois’

August 05, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

“Springfield” (Part I:  I guess we’re picking the City with the Most Generic Name as our Capital – Part II: Let’s Throw Some Abraham Lincoln Stuff in Here to make it Worthwhile for School Field Trips)


A Line-By-Line Analysis of “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd

July 14, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

The Weeknd has officially made himself the frontrunner to win Song of The Summer honors with his latest single, “Can’t Feel My Face.”