The most unique part of Bernie Sanders' presidential candidate wasn't his positions, but the way his campaign reflected and informed our internet lives.

Bernie Sanders, The Internet’s First Presidential Candidate

June 16, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

In many ways, Bernie Sanders’ 2016 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination was a surprisingly straightforward primary campaign — he ran as an outsider candidate to the farther end of the ideological spectrum than his centrist opponent, energized and increased the voice of a previously underrepresented/disillusioned demographic group, and even lost the good old fashioned way, failing (as Nate Silver catalogued exhaustively) to win as many votes as his opponent.


What Color Is This Fucking Dress?

February 26, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

Let’s settle this shit once and for all: What color is this dress? Take our quiz below and discover if you’re a decent human being or a goddamn stain upon the fabric of society.

YouTube's best with under 1,000,000 views

6 Classic YouTube Videos (with under 1,000,000 views)

March 04, 2014 / by / 27 Comments

Have you ever found yourself shooting the shit with your friends, swapping hilarious YouTube videos and trying to prove who amongst you is the most cultured? It’s basically the only acceptable time and place in which you can act like a total hipster and have no one shit all over your face and/or kick you in the nuts.