This presidential campaign isn't reminiscent of 1968 -- it feels like 1964 all over again.

No, it’s not 1968. It’s 1964.

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Earlier this year, New York magazine ran a piece by Jonathan Chait titled “It Is Not 1968.” It’s a good article and well worth your time, but the basic premise is that despite the social upheaval at home and violence around the world, 2016 is not much like one of the most iconic and chaotic years in American history. Chait is right, it’s not 1968. It’s 1964.

It is straight up galling to see suggestions in the media that Bernie’s supporters won’t back Hillary once she is officially the Democratic nominee.

The idea that Bernie supporters won’t back Hillary is insulting

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Let me start by saying that I proudly voted for Hillary Clinton in my state’s primary, and I’ve actively supported her throughout the campaign.


The National Podcast, Episode 7: Hillary, Hamilton, and Hoverboards

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The National Podcast is back to discuss all thing politics, culture, and Boss with special guest Brendan Flynn! You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, and/or stream it on SoundCloud as well.

It's just too little too late for Old News Hillary. She may have the “delegate math” (

Hot Takes In Your Area: Bernie’s Got It In The Bag

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NOTE: Hot Takes In Your Area should be considered satire at all points unless you agree with it in which case it’s totally serious.

Scott Walker, Ramsay Bolton

We Couldn’t Help Ourselves: The 2016 Candidates As Game of Thrones Characters

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The 2016 presidential election is underway, and you know what that means: editors hastily searching for metaphors to explain the bacchanal of intrigue, money, and women-bashing we’re about to experience. And what better metaphor for the 2016 campaign season than Game of Thrones?

2016 presidential election candidates

An updated handicapping of the 2016 presidential candidates

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The 2016 presidential field is already as cluttered as the skeletons in John Edwards’ closet. We’re here to help you evaluate the pros and cons of the potential leaders of the free world.

Try your hand at 10 trivia questions regarding the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack that the Obama administration would rather not answer.

10 Trivia Crack questions about the 2012 Benghazi attack the Obama administration is too afraid to answer

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How well do you know the shameless and irresponsible prioritization of politics over transparency in the sickening 2012 Benghazi attack scandal?