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Speculating the plot and characters of LeBron James and Justin Lin's upcoming Space Jam 2

This is how the LeBron James ‘Space Jam’ sequel should go down

May 03, 2016 / by , / 0 Comment

Space Jam is getting a sequel, with LeBron James once again teaming up with a squad of stars whose career primes occurred long ago in an attempt at intergalactic basketball dominance.


The Asshole’s Guide to Becoming a Bandwagon Fan

October 06, 2014 / by / 20 Comments

With football season in full swing, Major League Baseball playoffs started, and both hockey and basketball season fast approaching, it’s finally everyone’s favorite time of the year: bandwagon season. Yes, it is that amazing time of the year when everyone either pretends to care about the hometown team that they’ve just realized is succeeding, or flings their allegiances to another good (or lucky) team in hopes that they’ll find happiness in bragging about an organization they know literally nothing about.


Here Are The Revisions Dan Gilbert Made to his 2010 Open Letter about LeBron’s “Decision”

July 11, 2014 / by / 26 Comments

With LeBron James announcing his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, owner Dan Gilbert thought it would be best to finally clear the air of what he has called, “A huge misunderstanding with my good buddy, LeBron.” To do so, he has re-released a revised version of his infamous “LeBron is leaving” letter to show NBA fans across the globe that “the whole thing was just one crazy mix-up. Like a big game of telephone haha.” National Ave has managed to secure this letter.