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What if these other famous authors couldn't let it go and instead made substantive revisions and interpretations on Twitter?

If These 25 Famous Authors Were Like JK Rowling And Couldn’t Just Fucking Let Go

August 10, 2016 / by , , / 0 Comment

We all know that J.K. Rowling won’t let things go, often taking to Twitter to make substantive revisions and interpretations of the most important texts of our childhood. But what if these 25 other famous authors just couldn’t let it go on Twitter either?


Eat A Literal Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks, Chris Christie

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At this point, there’s basically nothing else to say.

Ranking the top 15 greatest Christmas albums of all time

The 15 Straight Up Greatest Christmas Albums of All Time

December 15, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

Christmas comes but once a year, yet somehow we as a society allow Christmas music to play ad nauseam for nearly 10% of the calendar year.

Ryan Adams' song-for-song cover album of Taylor Swift's '1989' is just about what you'd expect, which is pretty great.

Ryan Adams’ ‘1989’ is exactly what we wanted it to be

September 23, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

Turns out both Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams are liars.

Making sense of The Boss' masterpiece, 40 years later

On Born to Run’s 40th Anniversary

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As a 22-year-old person, no 40th anniversary means a damn thing to me (including this one, by the way). They just don’t register.

An abridged, incomplete, off-the-top-of-my-head-while-I-sit-in-Starbucks list of dealbreakers for any relationship

An Incomplete List of Dealbreakers

April 16, 2015 / by / 3 Comments

The old adage says, “Love is unconditional.” This is bullshit. My love comes with a fuckload of conditions.

We tend to think that relationships will solve all our problems. They don't.

Relationships Aren’t The Answer

April 09, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

There was this girl. Let’s call her Mary (because Springsteen is awesome and go fuck yourself).

A mid-year report of the albums released in 2014 so far

The 35 best albums of the year (so far)

July 22, 2014 / by / 56 Comments

2014 has been an intriguing year for music so far. From Iggy Azalea’s Thinkpiece bait LP to the apparent instatement of an industry-wide mandate that every rap album feature at least one Kendrick Lamar verse, we’ve witnessed some major developments and awesome albums so far. Here are the 35 best albums released in 2014 so far:

A list of the best songs to drink to during summer

The 8 Best Songs about Summer – For Drunk People

June 25, 2014 / by , / 45 Comments

With the summer solstice arriving last weekend, summer is officially here. The time of drives with the top down, pool parties, and – oh yeah – lots of drinking. In honor of this hallowed time of short shorts, bro tanks, and margaritas, we’ve compiled the best summer-specific songs for your drunken nights.