Chemicals are everywhere. Because they are everything. They are all of the things.

Nothing is “Chemical-Free” Because Everything is Chemicals

April 04, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

The official definition of matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.

Don Draper won’t find a neat, easy answer in the end. That’s just not the type of show Mad Men is. The question is whether or not he’ll even come close.

Expectation vs. Reality, and the Destruction of All Things: Nearing The End of “Mad Men”

May 14, 2015 / by / 3 Comments

Yo guys, major spoilers in this one. Like, huge. Up through the latest episode. So unless you’re caught up, stop reading here.  What do you want? Not in the right now sense, though that is an important question too. I mean in the life sense, in the What do you hope to achieve? What do you want out of this existence? sense.

Kensington Pet Products signs on with us, I will give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had in your entire life?

If You Give My Agency Your Business, Mr. Williamson, I Will Suck Your Dick Right Now (by Peter T. McDermott, President, Dynamia Marketing Strategists)

June 29, 2014 / by / 40 Comments

Well, Mr. Williamson, I hope that you found my agency’s presentation today very helpful. Clearly, we have the ability to provide you with advertising and marketing capabilities in various areas: not only creatively, but strategically and analytically as well.