The Titans Live-Tweeted A Re-Airing of the Music City Miracle Today and It Was Real Sad

January 08, 2015 / by / 200 Comments

It’s already bad enough being a Titans fan. Your high watermark in recent history was placing 2nd in your division with a losing record, and you spent the following year’s 11th overall draft pick on the only position you didn’t need. The hopes and dreams of your franchise are pinned on a rookie quarterback known for taking selfies.

But the Titans’ front office — or whichever poor bastard is tasked with running their social media presence — is finding a way to cheer up, as they spent this afternoon live-tweeting a re-airing of the Music City Miracle, the team’s unforgettable win over the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round of the 2000 playoffs which happened 15 years ago today.

The decision to live-tweet the re-run of a bygone Wild Card playoff game (in a Titans post-season that was later defined by a heartbreaking Super Bowl loss) was straight-up depressing for basically everyone involved, except the jolly facade of the hollow, broken man tweeting on behalf of the team. Here are a few reasons why:

1. They live-tweeted it in real time, as though the events were unfolding before their eyes. I’m not sure why, but the use of present tense just made things that much more depressing to follow. Like at the beginning of the game, when they tweeted that the Titans had just won the kick-off. They’re like an old person with dementia, reliving distant memories because they’re the only thing they know.

>2. They could have just done a fucking #tbt. Honestly, there’s no need to go full out and live-tweet an entire football game. A “#tbt to 15 years ago and the most epic game of all time” with a YouTube link would have been perfectly acceptable and, frankly, would have gotten more engagement. Hell, maybe the NFL would have retweeted. But you know what the NFL is not going to retweet? This:

3. Steve McNair. Steve McNair was shot by his mistress in 2009. It was really sad. It isn’t necessarily any sadder in the context of this live-tweeting mess, but it was sad independently of the live-tweeting, which was also sad, so really everything is sad. But we’ll use this tweet as a symbol of the tragedy surrounding all of this.

4. They started using #MCM. Showing a haunting lack of cultural awareness for someone whose literal goddamn job it is to run a social media account, the godless monster operating the Titans’ twitter account began using #MCM to refer to the Music City Miracle. #MCM CLEARLY stands for #ManCrushMonday, and everyone should know that. In fact, I sort of thought everyone did know that. But this chump, he doesn’t know shit.

5. The tweets were expressing genuine surprise at the events occurring. If you told me that the Titans’ social media coordinator had never actually watched the Music City Miracle or even heard about it’s outcome, I might have to believe you. And let me tell you, that would be impressive, because anyone who has ever even known a Titans fan (I would estimate around 45% of Americans) has heard about the Music City Miracle. Why? Because it’s literally the only thing about which Titans fans can boast. So it’s truly awe-inspiring to see these tweets adopting an air of shock as the game progressed.

Don’t even pretend you’re not sad after reading this. Everything about this was sad. But, then again, for a Titans fan whose internal sadness is terribly miscalibrated after years of watching the Titans, this sort of sadness is just your run-of-the-mill Titans fan emotion.