25 Fantasy Football Team Names To Use If Your Boss Joins Your Office League

September 07, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Fantasy football is, by nature, a hobby characterized by unrelenting shit-talk and a general welcoming of all things inappropriate. Unfortunately, office fantasy football leagues are increasingly common, which begs the question: What do you do when your boss is in your fantasy football league? You certainly don’t want to use a team name like “Pop Drop and Lockett” or “Why Palmer When You Can Fister.” Instead, here are 25 suggestions for office fantasy football team names that will impress the pants off your boss.

Sir, I’m Not One To Hyde From Constructive Feedback

If Larry Fits Gerald In At 3, Sir, I Could Schedule Him To Come In At 3:30

Yes, Sir, I’m Very Keenum To Take On New Tasks

If Your Flight Is At 5, Sir, I Woodhead To The Airport At 2:45 Or So

According To Antonio, Gates 6 and 13 Have Charging Stations, If You Need That, Sir

Both CJ Anderson Will Be At The Gala, Sir, So It Would Be A Great Photo Op

Sir, I Asked DeMarcus Ware He Saved The Report And He Said The Shared Drive, Let Me Find That And Send It To You

He Was Justin Houston A Couple Hours Ago, Sir, Let Me See If I Can Get Him On The Line

Sir, Jordy Make The Reservation? If Not, I Will Call Immediately

Apologies, Sir, I Had Asked Bradford That Report Two Weeks Ago But I’ll Follow Up

AP Did Write About The Merger, Sir, I Will Email You The Article

Sir, I Understand We’ve Lost Key Clients And I Hope You Know I Am Willing To Take A Jay Cut

Here, Sir, I’ve Made You A List Of Your Talking Points For Today’s Stafford Meeting

Ameer Until At Least 8 Or 9 Tonight, Sir

That Memo Looks Burfict, Sir, I Will Send It Out This Afternoon

Surveys Came Back, Sir, And On Average, Employees Ranked The Importance Of Syn-RG 3.8 On A Scale of 5

Oh, BJ Was Wondering If You Can Meet Him For Lunch This Week, Sir, Should I Write Back?

Sir, His Cousins On Our Board Of Directors, So I Brought Him On As A Summer Intern

I Have The CFO Of Edelman On Line 1, Sir

Olsen You That Report Immediately, Sir

Sir, Ginn Jr. Employees Get Overtime Pay Or No?

If Devonta Isn’t Freeman Day Morning, Sir, I Can Meet Have Him Come In Tuesday Instead

I Just Snead Your Signature Here, Sir

Sir, I’ve Booked You For Three Nights At The T.Y. Hilton

Ivory-nged For A Cab To Pick You Up At 11:30, Sir