You just can't keep this little guy down!

12 Adorable Pictures of Prince George Guaranteed To Make You Smile

July 22, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

It’s that time of year again — the birthday of the always adorable Prince George! And while we’re sure he’s celebrating in royal style, we’re marking the occasion with a stroll down memory lane and 12 of our favorite pictures of the cute little guy.

1. From the day he was born, the doting king and queen knew they had a special little buddy on their hands.

baby George W. Bush

2. And even as he’s gotten bigger he’s always having fun!

Young George W. Bush

3. But he’s always looking good for a camera.

George W. Bush young

4. Especially when he’s playing his favorite game… they even got him a real uniform like the big boys!

George W. Bush Rangers

5. He loves hanging out with his buddies and just goofing off.

George W. Bush bro chest bump

6. But even when he’s all grown up, we know he won’t forget where he came from.

George W. Bush hook em horns

7. He’s always at his cutest when he’s playing with his royal pets!

George W. Bush dog

8. And he loves incorporating them into his arts and crafts time!

George W. Bush paintings dogs

9. And even though he’s getting older, he’s not too cool to hang out with his parents.

George W. Bush, George HW Bush

10. Because after all, someday all this will be yours, little guy!

George W Bush and George HW Bush

11. So happy birthday Prince George!

George W Bush dog

12. You’ll always be our petite prince.

George W Bush birthday cake