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10 Snaps that Jeb Bush chose not to use for his campaign launch Snapchat Story

June 16, 2015 / by , / 3 Comments

This is the way a Presidential campaign begins. Not with a bang, but a dick pic.

Now that Jeb Bush has officially announced his presidency via Snapchat Story, it’s time to look at what video clips didn’t quite make the cut:

10. 8 seconds of perplexed interns trying to determine if the “Jeb!” logo is for the presidential campaign, or an upcoming PBS cartoon show.

9. Multiple videos from assorted angles of Jeb trying to find the perfect lighting for equivocating about the Iraq War.

8. Wide angle shot of Jeb’s speechwriters furiously crossing out all references to the word “Bush.”

7. Sarah Palin breaking into Jeb Bush campaign headquarters, holding up a sign that reads “What do we say to the God of dead campaigns? NOT TODAY.”

6. H.W. and Barbara struggling to figure out how to follow Jeb on The Snap.

5. Reince Priebus in cutoff jean shorts and a white denim shirt, drinking an appletini and rapping the entirety of Drake’s “0 to 100.”

4. Jeb wearing a Lindsey Graham mask and the “0 mph” caption.

3. Karl Rove saying something that you couldn’t hear because you didn’t turn your phone’s sound on in time, but you’re pretty sure it just felt vaguely racist.

2. Jeb accidentally revealing that he was once a minority owner in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

1. Rare, uncut footage of Marvin, George, Jeb, Neil, and Dorothy during a closed-door rehearsal for their acappella project, Full Bush.