A Course Catalog for Recent College Graduates

February 03, 2014 / by / 16 Comments

Course listings for the overeducated and underemployed.

HISTORY 417: New Topics in Early 21st Century American History

In this course, you will study your own recent past as a college student.  The first few weeks of class will cover the brief period at the end of senior year during which neither you nor your friends had any responsibilities and could hang out all the time.  We will then move backward to the preceding three-and-a-half years of this rich historical era, discussing the various academic and social stressors that marked this era as a period of major upheaval.  Primary sources will include Facebook photos and oral histories from old roommates.

CHEM 423: Vaporization of Dyhydrogen Monoxide

The curriculum committee has debated making this a requirement, as boiling water will be essential in the production of the majority of your meals.  From ramen to rice, you will learn key concepts and applications of boiling water that will become important when you realize how little money you have.  Late in the quarter, we will explore the theoretical implications of realizing you can recycle pasta water after you struggle to pay your utilities.

ANTHRO 573: Anthropology of Vigintenarians

This class will focus on the rites, social dynamics and quotidian lives of the modern American twenty-something.  The question that will guide our inquiry: How does everyone else keep their lives together?  We will look at the rite of passage known as the “unpaid internship”, which often begins around an individual’s 22nd year and ends seemingly never.  We will also study the role of myth in shaping preconceptions, noting that in real life people are poorer, less white and going to fewer parties than they do in Girls.

ECON 852: Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping

Learn how to maintain a level of debt below “debilitating,” hovering instead around “merely a source of constant concern.”  Use empirical models to choose between paying for wi-fi or heat (assume Netflix usage is constant).  Reconsider your vegetarianism when you see how much cheaper low-grade meat is.  There will be a class project, known as a “tax return,” due by April 15th; a passing grade is required to avoid jail time.

RELIGION 1073: Concepts of Prayer

This course will explore when, why and to which deity people feel compelled to pray.  Whether after a job interview, a sketchy hookup or the receipt of an overdue rent notice, at some point you will appeal to a higher power to ensure your life goes in the right direction.  We will also study the efficacy of this impulse.

PHIL 1799: Existentialism and Youth

In this course you will learn that God can’t do much for you.  Neither can your parents or your old professors or even your friends.  While they can help, you are the only person responsible for you, and you will sink or swim on your own.  You will also learn to find comfort in this, and will study the core concepts of being a real person who runs her or his own life.  This course cannot be taken for a grade.