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Weekly Trend Report: Brunch, Bud Light Lime, and Love

June 25, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

Welcome to our weekly trend report, your sole legitimate online source for what’s trending in American culture today.



Love was totally #winning this week. From Kimye’s new baby announcement to Kevin Love’s free agency, love’s been in the air and out on the twittersphere these past few days.

Oh and also the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case way-too-long-in-the-making that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right. That was pretty awesome.

Bud Light Lime

The time is upon us. Can you feel it? Can you feel the soft embrace of the sun’s gentle rays, tickling your sleeveless forearms as you stroll from outdoor patio to stadium tailgate, grilling tongs in one hand and the cool, refreshing, citrus-infused nectar of the God of Summer Luke Bryant himself in another?

Of course you can. Summer is here, and you don’t just need a beer that tells the world that you’re up for whatever just so long as there’s a fun twist (like slip n slides on a rooftop or EDM on the beach), you crave the sensation of what tastes like Bruno Mars and sunscreen sliding down your throat, cooling you off this summer from your croakies to your board shorts. Summer on, mofos.


Celebrating its unprecedented 145th week atop the charts, it looks like there’s just no stopping brunch. Dubbed “the greatest thing ever” and “the only thing I’ll accept as my personal savior,” brunch’s potent combination of mimosas, pancakes, and stellar start time makes it a force to be reckoned with, and one that, like Sunday’s hangover, isn’t going anywhere.


Apparently Jake Lloyd was (marginally) better of a Podracer than a driver, getting arrested last week following a high speed car race. To be fair, Lloyd’s mugshot makes him look like he’s been hitting the midi-chlorian powder shakes a little too hard at the gym, although that was probably just to escape the torment of his space jew overlord.

Just when you thought pods had hit their ceiling of cultural relevancy, Obama went on Marc Maron’s podcast. The interview was a success on the “tonedeaf headlines” front, but it honestly could have been way cooler if Barack hadn’t spent the whole time meticulously dissecting the Game of Thrones R+L=J fan theory.


Symbols of Oppression and Racial Tyranny

This week, one of the most visible flags representing white supremacy in America got taken down a peg or two. This is a good thing. Let’s move on.


Not a great week for grass, to be honest.

First there was the Women’s World Cup, departing from the standard au naturale look in favor of the greener pastures of artificial turf. No word as of yet whether rumored reports that FIFA President Sepp Blatter supported the controversial move due to his belief that the game could attract more fans by showing exasperated female athletes trying to remove those little rubber pellets from their socks are true.

California’s continued drought also continued to be a real downer for the state’s vegetation, but probably the worst hit of all to grass lovers everywhere was the very real threat that Oregon will start taxing the shit out of recreational weed.

Bitches who can’t be trusted

If there was one thing we learned this week, it’s that bitches just cannot be trusted when you need them most. Olly and Melisandre bear the brunt of the blame for this revelation, but we cannot forget that J.R. Smith, Greek austerity, and (I’m just assuming here) Congress all dropped the ball this week when they were needed most.


Dad Bod

Will the #DadBod trend continue its rapid ascent as the most moob-related craze to sweep America since Bill Parcells first donned a dry-fit polo? Check back next week to find out!