I commented "Literally so ugly" on every picture I saw on Facebook for an entire year. This is my story.

Here’s what happens when you comment “Literally so ugly” on every picture you see for a year

January 25, 2015 / by / 4 Comments

Social media. It defines us, pressures us, connects us and fascinates us. But what if you radically reinvented the way you act on it? Well, for one entire year, I did.

Instead of just liking a few things my friends posted or sending the occasional message to a loved one, I did something even crazier as a social experiment to see how the manner in which we utilize social media impacts our relationships.

For an entire year, I commented “Literally so ugly” on every single picture that I saw on Facebook. What this taught me completely changed my life.

It started off pretty simply. When my friend posted a selfie from the library, I commented “Literally so ugly” and waited. Pretty soon, the likes were rolling in. A few people contradicted me with “Don’t listen to him dude, you look HOT” or “shut up my bf’s a stud” but most people seemed to agree with my assessment.

Next, an old high school classmate posted a new prof pic from in front of the Notre Dame in Paris. “Paris, je t’aime” she captioned it. “Literally so ugly” I commented. Within minutes, I had a message in my inbox… from the girl who posted! Already, I was seeing the benefits of my experiment as I reconnected with an old acquaintance. She asked if I’d been hacked, I told her no, she asked what the hell was wrong with me, I told her lol, she deleted my comment and told me she hoped I was just drunk or something then unfriended me, and things kind of just trailed off from there. It’s always good to get back in touch with people from your past!

Then came my aunt’s 243-picture album of my cousin’s wedding– this is where the experiment really kicked into high gear! Over the course of one long, well-spent night I commented “Literally so ugly” on every single picture in the album. When I woke up in the morning my notifications were through the roof! She’d commented “Tom, that is very rude and not very funny! I hope you weren’t being serious” on the first picture. On the second picture she commented, “My goodness! This one too? Very inappropriate, Tom.” By the third picture I think she began to get the gist: “Is this on every single picture?! How do I delete comments?!?!” Number four just got: “DELETE.” Definitely a fun way to engage with my family through a social platform.

As the week went on, the work became tiresome but always worthwhile. I reconnected with friends from camp, teammates, ex-girlfriends, siblings, and even my old babysitter! In each case, I was able to start a dialogue and find out a little more about the kinds of things they liked and didn’t like on social media.

Further down the road, I was able to leverage my new social media philosophy into in-person connections. For example, when a coworker got engaged and I commented “Literally so ugly” on the announcement picture, it turned into an opportunity to meet my local HR rep and talk about all sorts of things. From “appropriate social media behavior” to “interacting with others in an inoffensive way,” we really bonded over the intricacies of human nature.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Every single one of my best friends stopped talking to me, and nearly all of my Facebook friends defriended and/or blocked me just a few months into this exciting endeavor. The only friends I had left were people whose last status updates read “is OBAMA!!!! Hope and change are REAL!” or “is are the Bulls seriously gonna pick Rose over Beasley?! so dumb” so I was left waiting for the moment when one of them logged back on to post a quick pic… and then I would pounce. That’s the kind of thrill drugs and money can’t give you, but an optimized social media experience truly can.

In the end, I’m glad I took on this experiment. I know a little more about myself, and a lot more about my friends. Mainly that they’re all ugly.

Have YOU tried commenting “Literally so ugly” on every picture you see for a year? Tell us how it went in the comments!

Editor’s note: I absolutely did not comment “Literally so ugly” on every picture I saw for a year. Any indication otherwise is patently false. I think I commented that like once or twice though, as a joke.