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Unreleased Tracks from the Sufjan Stevens Album ‘Illinois’

August 05, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

“Springfield” (Part I:  I guess we’re picking the City with the Most Generic Name as our Capital – Part II: Let’s Throw Some Abraham Lincoln Stuff in Here to make it Worthwhile for School Field Trips)

 “The Father, Son, and Holy Da Coach”

“The Gathering of the Juggalos, or, the Psychopathic Clowns who Lifted up the Spirits of Tiny Cave-In-Rock”

“Stephen Douglas was a Great Debater, but he was also Very Short”

“The Typical Toppings for a Chicago Style Hot Dog are Mustard, Onion, Relish, Pickle, Tomatoes, Sport Peppers, Celery Salt and Absolutely No Ketchup!!”

“The Horned Creature Curses the Little Bears to Become Lovable Losers”

“Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, who was Absolved of any Blame for the Great Chicago Fire although she will Continue to Live on in Urban Legends, Never Produced Milk Again, so she was a Bad, Bad Cow”

“Studs Terkel Broke Into My House Last Night and Beat the Living Bejesus Out of Me”

“Cairo which isn’t Pronounced the Same Way as the Capital of Egypt, so that’s a Fun Fact to Know if You Are Ever Driving Through Cairo”

“The Breakfast Club, or, Requiem for the Lost Child Stars of John Hughes Movies, or, Everyone Might Be Different but not in the Eyes of an Omnipresent God, or, Suburban High Schools Must Have a lot of Money because that is a Really Big Library”