We’re Crowdfunding Peyton Manning’s Pay Cut So He Doesn’t Have To Do More Nationwide Ads

March 04, 2015 / by / 4 Comments

This afternoon, the Denver Broncos reached an agreement with Peyton Manning that resulted in a $4 million pay cut to the quarterback’s salary. That doesn’t affect us, right? WRONG. Out of concern that Peyton could compensate for the pay cut by doing more commercials with Nationwide, we want to crowdfund the $4 million to prevent this potential catastrophe. If we foot the bill ourselves, it just might save us the horrible anguish of seeing more Nationwide commercials and their insipid seven-syllable phrases. (Except the Chicken Parm one, that one was pretty great.)

If you want to join the noble cause, support our Indiegogo below, or click the link:

Note: All contributions to the campaign will go to the Peyback Foundation, Peyton Manning’s charity.