The Greatest Song about Power Rangers You’ve Never Heard

June 23, 2014 / by / 18 Comments

There are songs that inspire nations. There are songs that begin movements. There are songs that make you fall in love. And then there are songs about Power Rangers. This is a song about Power Rangers  but it might just change the world.

“Street Rangers” is the latest ridiculous single to come from “Southern-style” rapper, Froggy Fresh AKA Krispy Kreme. For those unfamiliar with Froggy Fresh, the YouTube icon is the brainchild of Tyler Cassidy  a little known rapper from Michigan. While in high school, where the rapper maintained a 3.95 GPA, Cassidy created the identity of Krispy Kreme  a slow, hyper-redneck wannabe rapper. Krispy Kreme, who had to change his name to Froggy Fresh after being threatened with a lawsuit by Krispy Kreme (Donuts), catapulted to YouTube super-stardom with his irresistibly goofy songs and unbelievable persona. Now, Froggy Fresh has over 400,000 followers and his videos have received over 30 million views.

As his popularity has risen, Cassidy/Froggy Fresh has been able to create even more ridiculous videos to accompany his increasingly clever songs (some point out that this increase in song and video quality may be leading to the eventual reveal of his true identity and legitimate rapping abilities  which can be seen here, here, and here). Enter “Street Rangers.”

The song, an homage to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV/film series, follows Froggy Fresh and his silent sidekick “Money Maker” Mike as they fight the evil Predator in pursuit of justice  and tater tots. The video follows the pair’s transformation into superheroes, their battle, and Froggy Fresh’s conflict as a man torn between fighting for justice and simple country life. It’s truly a three-minute epic you wouldn’t want to miss – which is why we’ve attached the video below.

Check out this and the rest of Froggy Fresh’s absurd catalog while you’re at it (MUST LISTEN: “Dunked On”). It’s a treat you don’t want to miss.