If I Watch Broad City, I’ll Finally be a Feminist

March 11, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

(By Matthew Jenkins-Mason, Female Ally, Potentially)

Hey guys. So I’m sure you all have heard of this show called Broad City.

Everyone’s talking about it. It’s like the new “It” show; it’s been getting rave reviews and all the cool cultural websites like Grantland and The A.V. Club and whoever are all over it. Now, I’m gonna be honest: I don’t currently watch Broad City.  However, I am strongly considering it. I have heard many good things and it looks like a pretty funny show.

But the most important factor that will ultimately determine whether I decide to dedicate however many hours of my life to catching up on it, is this: if I start watching it, I will finally be able to say I’m a feminist.

I’ve read what the premise of the show is: it’s about these two young twenty-something girls living in New York trying to make ends meet, which sounds stupid and overdone, but apparently they’re like really crass, and like kinda gross, and they smoke a lot of weed, and also apparently one of the two wears a lot of crop tops, which I guess are empowering or something. I don’t know, that’s just what I’ve heard. But it’s this really smart contemporary take on feminism that’s like the new way to think about feminism.

But I’ve noticed that a lot of the girls who seem to always talk about the show on Facebook are the same kind of girls who like, you know, don’t shave their legs (not that there’s anything wrong with not shaving your legs – I kinda like girls who don’t shave their legs or their armpits or whatever). So I figure that if I start watching this show, it’ll make me a feminist, which would be awesome, because I’ve always considered myself a feminist at heart – I love women, and I think women should be paid the same amount as men, and like I will definitely be voting for Hillary in 2016. The problem is, though, that I’ve never had a very good way to show it; and this whole Broad City thing seems like a really good avenue by which to do so.

Because, I’m gonna be honest: I’ve gotten burned on stuff like this before. Like, a year or so back when Jennifer Lawrence was the big “It” girl that everyone loved and everyone thought was super amazing, I got all in to her; but then people just started to think I was creepy, or gay. And that kind of wasn’t what I was trying to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay people, and gay rights, and all of that stuff. I just, you know, I’m a straight feminist, not a gay feminist. There’s a difference.

And then before that, I watched Girls. All of it. Every episode.  Now people don’t even remember that show existed.  Pretty bad feminist capital investment on my part.

But this Broad City thing seems like the real thing. It’s on Comedy Central, which is a good sign, because I’m a big fan of that Brickleberry show that got cancelled. I also heard Amy Poehler is somehow involved with it. I mean, she’s a feminist, and feminists like her and stuff, so if I say I like Amy Poehler, that’s a feminist-y move.  Right?

Point is, I want to do feminism the right way. And the right way, the true way, is watching Broad City and then telling everyone about how I watch Broad City.  Because if I can’t publicly display how much of an ally I am to women’s rights, to their right to be gross and talk about tampons and periods and whatever they do on Broad City, then what’s the point of doing this whole feminism thing at all?