We thought we knew all 10 Are You The One perfect matches, and good god were we wrong

November 19, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

Going into this week’s finale of the third season of MTV’s Are You The One?, we thought we had a pretty good chance of guessing who the 10 perfect matches on the show were.  And by the grace of Ryan Devlin almighty were we wrong. 

Here were our predicted pairings from last week, based on what we assumed was the most likely set of contingent possibilities:

Our best predictions for all 10 perfect matches on MTV's Are You The One

Chelsey / Connor (confirmed match)

Kayla / Austin (not a match)

Britni / Hunter (not a match)

Rashida / Devin (called it)

Melanie / Chuck (nailed it. Sorry Mel.)

Cheyenne / Zak (woof, not a match)

Amanda / Tyler (def not a match)

Stacey / Nelson (such a freaking match!)

Kiki / Alec (close but no cigar)

Hannah / Mike (we wanted so badly for these two beautiful people to be together, but we learned the hard way that MTV is not to be trifled with)

We still stand by a lot of the underlying logic, but if the show-runner’s had wanted cold-hearted logic to have a place on this show they would have chosen literally anybody but this season’s cast.

As it turns out, Britni/Hunter weren’t a match (MTV revealed as much in a teaser for this week’s finale), which had a pretty sizable waterfall effect on the rest of our assumptions. In the end we were struck down by our hubris for making base assumptions in the eyes of a spiteful Ryan Devlin, and were forcibly reminded that a game of 20 alcoholics who were nearly incapacitated by body shots and spite for one another still did a better job at the game than we did.

In the end, here were the final perfect match pairings to close out a thrilling, albeit impossibly frustrating, season 3:

Alec / Amanda

Austin / Britni

Chuck / Melanie

Connor / Chelsey

Devin / Rashida

Hunter / Hannah

Mike / Kiki

Nelson / Stacey

Tyler / Cheyenne

Zak / Kayla

It’s been an absolute blast following along with this season with all of you, and it was so great to hear everybody’s theories in the comment section and on our (ultimately hubristic) google doc. In the end, like any good contestant on the show, you put yourself out there, you try, you fail, you scream at your roommates, and you move on.

Let’s look forward to next year, and in the meantime take this Are You The One offseason to dive into this year’s upcoming season of The Challenge! We’ll see you all on the other side.