Are You The One season 4 perfect matches

We now know all perfect matches in ‘Are You The One?’ season 4

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Well, the show might actually keep going, because who knows what these lunkheads are up to, but thanks to the beautiful, icy coldness of the omniscient process of elimination, we now know all ten perfect matches in the fourth season of MTV’s Are You The One? after just episode 7!

Before we go any further, let’s put a major ~SPOILERS ALERT~ out there for any readers who want to follow along with the show without knowing each house members’ perfect match. There could be up to three more episodes remaining, so we sure as heck don’t want to spoil any of your Bacardi-and-Starbucks-Doubleshot-fueled fun.

But for the fearless, truth is but around the corner…

Earlier today we published an interview with MIT grad Nick Uhlenhuth, who revealed the process by which he can deduce the remaining possibilities for each house members’ potential perfect match based on the results of the Truth Booths and matchup ceremonies as the show progressed. And now, using the information we’ve gleaned from 7 episodes-worth of matchups and truth booths, we can successfully deduce all ten perfect matches, which are as follows:

  • Alyssa and Sam (confirmed via truth booth)
  • Camille and Tyler
  • Emma and Prosper
  • Francesca and Giovanni
  • Julia and Cam
  • Kaylen and Asaf
  • Mikala and Cameron (confirmed via truth booth)
  • Nicole and Stephen
  • Tori and Morgan
  • Victoria and John

And here’s what the matchup grid looks like after episode 7:

All 10 perfect matches for season 4 of MTV's Are You The One?

This is the result of several deductions based on the Truth Booth and Matchup Ceremony results. Confirmed perfect matches (based on truth booth results) are in Green, matches that have to be perfect matches but have not yet been confirmed on the show are in light green, confirmed no matches (based on truth booth results) are in dark red, and light pink represents couplings that cannot possibly be a perfect match.

The main key here is knowing what couples can’t possibly be a match, thanks to either Truth Booth results or because their matchup wouldn’t align with the number of beams the house got on a given matchup ceremony. So here are the correct matches that the house nailed each episode:

Episode 1 (3 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Nicole/Stephen
Episode 2 (3 light beams): Emma/Prosper, Cam/Julia, Mikala/Cameron
Episode 3 (4 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Emma/Prosper, Victoria/John
Episode 4 (4 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Tori/Morgan, Victoria/John
Episode 5 (4 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Francesca/Giovanni, Nicole/Stephen
Episode 6 (4 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Francesca/Giovanni, Tori/Morgan
Episode 7 (4 light beams): Alyssa/Sam, Mikala/Cameron, Camille/Tyler, Tori/Morgan

A special shoutout goes out to Nick, who’s time, patience, coding, and presumably numerous offerings to the shrine of The Devlin was key to cracking the code. And thanks to all of you for following along on this crazy and wonderful road that is reality TV dating.

Now all that’s left is to see if the house can arrive at the correct conclusion as well, and get amped for another season of alcohol, testosterone, and logic games!

  • Nina

    Duuuude. This is genius

  • Nick Uhlenhuth

    Nothing would have been possible without proper faith in the Shrine of the Devlin.

  • Tiffany

    Ive always wondered if the cast is allowed to have a piece of paper and a pencil because that’s all it takes to keep track of the grid every week.

    • According to Ryan Devlin in a Reddit AMA, they were in S1 but haven’t been in any season since. This explains why S1 was the most logical, and least “dramatic,” season.