Wondering how contemporary news organizations would cover the events of Star Wars

If The Events of Star Wars Were Covered By Major Media News Outlets

December 17, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

How would contemporary media organizations cover the events of the Star Wars universe? Here’s our guess, because of #journalism:

Vox: The Galactic Civil War, Explained In One Opening Crawl Sequence

Salon: Taking a Stand: This Princess refuses to wear a space bra

CNN: Moon-sized Imperial Base Could Destroy Entire Planet, Experts Suggest

New York Times: Inside the Complex Jawa Trader Economy

Esquire: Women we love of Coruscant — Meet Queen Padme Amidala

Jezebel: We need to talk about Imperial use of force lightning

Deadspin: Jabba the Hutt doesn’t give a shit about Podracer safety

Upworthy: Inspiring! When the Jedi Order refused to save this man’s pregnant wife, he took things into his own hands.

VICE: I got high and partied all night with a band of rebel-allied Ewoks

Politico: How the Republic lost the Outer rim with its taxation policy

Fox News: Emperor Palpatine wants to strip your rights to shoot womp rats back home

Deadspin: Ben Quadrineros Fans React To His Podracer Malfunction 

FiveThirtyEight: What it would take for Senator Palpatine to win the Supreme Chancellorship

VICE: Inside the secret world of Tatooine sex slaves

Buzzfeed: 17 struggles only a young padawan can understand

GQ: 10 bomber jackets no smuggler can live without

Upworthy: He gambled for a child’s life on a podrace. What happened next will surprise you.

Deadspin: Here’s a gif of Anakin murdering innocent young Jedi.

The Atlantic: What the Confederacy of Independent Systems Really Wants

VICE: I injected 15 liquefied death sticks and went to the Boonta’s Eve Podrace

Huffington Post Tatooine: Authorities release ‘chilling’ video of Tusken village massacre

Mother Jones: Did this engineer’s mistake lead to the destruction of the Death Star?

Rolling Stone: The Top 100 Cantina Songs of All Time