Updating the best 25 British rock songs to apply to a post-Brexit world.

Post-Brexit British Rock Songs

June 28, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Now that Britain has fundamentally altered its role in the world following the Brexit vote, it’s time to adjust for the nation’s new global standing by updating their only remaining contribution to global culture to reflect a post-Brexit reality:

  1. Strawberry Fields But Only Inside Our Borders, The Beatles
  2. Sympathy For Nigel Farage, The Rolling Stones
  3. London Calling Long-Distance, The Clash
  4. Here Comes The Sun With A Blatantly Misleading Headline, The Beatles
  5. Should We Stay Or Should We Go, The Clash
  6. We Should Build A Wonderwall, Oasis
  7. White Riot, The Clash
  8. Boris Johnson Is A Creep, Radiohead
  9. Penny Lane, Pound Down-to-Thirty-One-Year-Lows, The Beatles
  10. I Want To Break Free Of Brussels’ Heavy Hand, Queen
  11. Under Pressure To Staff The NHS, Queen
  12. Something Else, The Beatles
  13. (Don’t) Stay With Me, Faces
  14. Job-Killer Queen, Queen
  15. Come Together Unless You Happen To Be An Immigrant, The Beatles
  16. Don’t Vote ‘Leave’ In Anger, Oasis
  17. Bohemian Apathy Suppressed The Youth Vote, Queen
  18. Anti-Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin
  19. Wish You Weren’t Here, Pink Floyd
  20. My Generation (Is Screwed), The Who
  21. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Island Nation, The Beatles
  22. Can’t Stand Losing This Referendum, The Police
  23. Pour Some Sugar On Me After Paying A Small Import Tariff, Def Leppard
  24. How To Disappear From International Prominence Completely, Radiohead
  25. War Pigs & David Cameron, Black Sabbath