12 Other Courageous Tech Innovations That Nobody Asked For

September 09, 2016 / by / 1 Comment

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and its startling lack of a headphone jack. Why? Because Apple is pushing “wireless earbuds,” a move Apple itself called “courageous.” Here are twelve other “courageous” tech innovations that nobody wanted at all.

1. Two-step verification for your office printer

2. Camera-operated eyeglasses that show you what you’re seeing in real time

3. Office chairs that cause chronic back pain if you forget to take a walk every hour

4. Wireless toasters

5. Lossless playback for voicemails from your ex

6. A personal finance app that shows you how much money you’d have if you had gone to law school like your brother Todd

7. Touchscreen-enabled basketballs

8. LifestylesTM performance-tracking condoms that sync with your Fitbit

9. Asphalt-to-grass converter dongle for PumaTM sneakers

10. The self-driving dirt bike

11. Seamless social-media integration with your toothbrush

12. Like Uber, but for finding cheap flights with amateur pilots

  • Tom

    UGOPOP? another invention someone came up with that nobody wants