The National Podcast, Episode 7: Hillary, Hamilton, and Hoverboards

March 18, 2016 / by , / 0 Comment

The National Podcast is back to discuss all thing politics, culture, and Boss with special guest Brendan Flynn! You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, and/or stream it on SoundCloud as well.

In episode 7 of The National Podcast, Jon makes a call to the Podcast Host Bullpen and is joined by his old friend Brendan Flynn. Jon and Brendan explore the enticing possibility of a contested Republican convention and the RNC’s continued denial that Donald Trump is going to be their nominee (2:30), Hillary Clinton’s enduring trust issues (19:50), and how the Democrats can avoid alienating the most liberal wing’s of the party (34:40). Moving away from politics, Jon and Brendan also touch upon the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” and their complicated feelings about the cultural conversation it has sparked (42:25), before introducing a new segment, “Boss or Not Boss”, in which Jon determines the Boss-ness of various people, objects, and locations, such as Oscar Isaac, hoverboards, and UFC gyms (57:50).

As always you can listen in on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Stitcher, send any questions you’d like to see answered on the next episode to, and be sure and let us know what you think so far — by far the coolest part of the pod so far has been hearing everybody’s responses to it.