On episode 5 of The National Podcast, Jon and Stephen discuss a super Tuesday and a rocky Oscars celebration

The National Podcast, Episode 5: SpotLIT

March 04, 2016 / by , / 0 Comment

Welcome back to episode 5 of The National Podcast, a podcast that has been described by Tech Insider as “the best culture podcast in iTunes made by and for younger millenials — 90s kids too young to actually remember the 90s” and by Soundcloud spambot commentators as “AINDA nao haha eh no extremo sul! Mas eh um dos sonhos..” We’re coming for you Maron.

This week, Jon and Stephen discuss the Super Tuesday results, Donald Trump, and the potential reconstitution of the Republican party, whether or not Chris Christie is Donald Trump’s hostage (10:00 mark), the Democratic Primary (22:50), Marco Rubio’s probable love of Goodie Mob (33:00ish), Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue (34:30), an Academy that tried so darn hard to let us know that they cared about diversity (42:30), the winners and losers of the night (45:00), and the impending Keatoning (56:40). Warning, there are also some pretty strained Bruce Springsteen and Sly Stallone impersonations ahead.

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