Here are the 20 best think pieces from Season 5 of Game of Thrones you might have missed last year.

These 20 think pieces will change how you think about Game of Thrones

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If there’s one thing Game of Thrones was missing last season, it was an abundance of long, protracted, self-righteous diatribes and essays composed and debated on the Internet. Here are the 20 best think pieces from Season 5 of Game of Thrones you might have missed last year:

20. Ten signs Khal Drogo is the ultimate feminist

19. Tyrion Lannister and the post-colonial demasculation of Westeros

18. Why Tommen’s rise to power is more impressive than Joffrey’s

17. Hegemonic structures and the diasporic imagination of the Targaryens

16. This Cersei Lannister speech is the perfect comeback to male hegemony

15. Uncomfortable sex scenes for your parents to walk in on, explained

14. Five Things the Night King Has Right

13. Can Robb Stark really win over the South?

12. The history of Westeros, in six mindblowing tapestries

11. We Went to the Real Life House of Black and White

10. Why Arya Stark is a metaphor for circumcision

9. How Jorah Mormont Is BASICALLY Everything Wrong with the Separation of Church and State

8. Here’s What Happens When Everyday People Re-Create Iconic Moments from Littlefinger’s Brothel

7. I am my Uncle’s child.

6. How Finding My Inner Hodor Helped Me Truly Love Myself

5. We need to talk about how Robert Baratheon’s drinking problem affected his death

4. What can Maester Lewin teach us about the education system?

3. Why a septon can’t use his religion as an excuse to avoid marrying gay couples

2. Transnational identities in the Khal imagination

1. Power, Privilege, and Microaggression: Why Ramsay Snow must be stopped