Imagining if Vice, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and more re-titled your favorite children's books.

Classic Children’s Books Re-Titled by Major Media Outlets

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Can you imagine if Buzzfeed, Vice, The New York Times, and other popular news outlets re-titled your favorite children’s books? Well we did, because #journalism.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Upworthy: There are a lot of places you’ll go. Just where they are might surprise you. #6 will shock you
Buzzfeed: 78 Places Only You Will Be Able to Go
Jezebel: All the Places You’d Be Able to Go If You Had a Penis
New York Times: Op-Ed: Going Places Is The Key to Finding Out Where You Want to Be
Vice: We Made Our Intern Smoke Peyote Through His Dick and Sent Him Everywhere
CNN: Do Any of These Places Hold the Clue to Finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370???

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Fox News: Socialist Democrats Advocating Cookie Handouts to Mice
Vice: We Stuck This Mouse in a Room Full of Cookies and No Milk and It Went CRAZY
Buzzfeed: 347 Adorable Reasons Why You Should Give A Mouse A Cookie
Thought Catalog: How a Tale Of Circular Demands Taught Me The Way To Live My 20s
Deadspin: Here’s a GIF of Michael Strahan Eating a Cookie Wearing a Mickey Mouse Sweater
Slate: If You Give A Journalist a $30,000 Salary
New Republic: The Problem With Cookie-Giving, Privilege, and White Man’s Burden

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Fox News: Suspicious Brown Bear Reported to Be Staring at Things Throughout Local Neighborhoods
Mother Jones: Brown Bear Saw More Than What He Told
Upworthy: You Need to See What This Brown Bear Sees. It Might Change How You See Things. It Did For Me.
MSNBC: How the GOP Plans To Use What the Brown Bear Saw to Impeach Obama

Hop on Pop
Fox News: Hopping on Pop – A Slippery Slope to Hopping on Other Things?! This 87-Year-Old Baptist Says Yes
The New Yorker: Hopping on Pop – How One Family Bonding Activity Entered America’s Cultural Zeitgeist
Jezebel: This Mother’s Day, Think About What It Means That You Only Hop on Pop
Perez Hilton: AWKWARD! He hopped on Pop in this AH-Mazing Clip
The Atlantic: Pop, The First Normcore Children’s Book Character

Green Eggs and Ham
Upworthy: This Little Animal Doesn’t Want to Try Green Eggs and Ham. His Reaction When He Does Might Make You Cry
Vice: I Got Green Eggs and Ham from a One-Legged Vietnamese Prostitute in a Back Alley in Laos
Gawker: The real reason why Sam-I-am Likes Green Eggs and Ham
Buzzfeed: Which Place Should You Try Green Eggs and Ham?
538: How Many Americans Actually Eat Green Eggs and Ham For Breakfast? We Found Out.

The Cat in the Hat
CNN: The Cat Was Wearing WHAT???
Upworthy: This Cat Wears a Silly Hat. But What He Does With It Changes Two Kids’ Lives
The New Yorker: Mad Catter – How One Cat Changed The Way Society Sees Hats
Buzzfeed: 114 Cats Who Just Want to Wear Human Hats
Grantland: Winners, Losers of the Thing One—Thing Two trade
Huffington Post: I’m a Paraplegic Single Mother, and I Gave My Cat a Hat
GQ: Bruno Mars Rocks The Fedora, And So Should Your Cat

Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day
Fox News: How King Obama Ruined One Kid’s Day
The Atlantic: The Unexpected Positives of Having a Bad Day
Buzzfeed: 28 Goats Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You
Jezebel: Why Alexander’s Bad Day is Still Better Than Any Woman’s Good Day
New York Times: Jill Abramson and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Vice: This Caterpillar Has Some Serious Post-Hash Munchies
Jezebel: Caterpillar Eating Disorders? How Our Patriarchal Society Corrupted the World’s Most Innocent Creatures
PolicyMic: One Caterpillar Reveals the Absurd, Simple Truth Behind A Butterfly’s Life Stage
Vox: Explaining Caterpillar’s Hunger in 65 Graphs
Rolling Stone: The Top 100 Ways This Story Reminds Us of Woodstock
CNN: Can This Hungry Caterpillar Eat Its Way to Clues about the Location of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? We’ll Spend The Next 17 Hours Trying to Find Out