A Bay Area Radio Station Has Been Playing Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” for the Past 24 Hours

March 15, 2014 / by / 15 Comments

I’m not kidding like Jason. This is really happening.

Latino Mix 105.7, a San Francisco-based radio station, has been playing Nelly’s 2002 classic “Hot in Herre” on loop for the past 24 hours and counting. Yes, since 3p.m. PST Friday, Univision-owned KVVF 105.7FM has been playing “Hot in Herre,” and only “Hot in Herre.” No deceiving. Nothing up my sleeve. No teasing.

The act is an apparent radio stunt attempting to draw attention to the re-branding of Latino Mix 105.7 to Hot 105.7 (Hot1057FM.com has already been registered by Latino Mix, as well as Hot1007FM.com –  the station’s sister station in San Rafael). However, it’s also possible that the stunt is really just an attempt to increase tourism to San Francisco. I’ve already booked a one-way overnight flight to the Bay Area.

If you don’t have the time to fly out to San Francisco to enjoy this pure musical ecstasy (We get it. You have a “job” and a “family” and “reasonable thoughts”), jump on over to Latino Mix 105.7’s site right now to stream this event of a lifetime. Everyone’s day could use “a little bit of ah, ah.”