Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

How to dress like every track on Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ for Halloween

October 31, 2014 / by / 42 Comments

Everyone appreciates a good topical Halloween costume, but certain ideas can also be an obvious choice and you run the risk of bumping into 5 other people dressed as Ebola at your Halloween party. Want to really impress your friends and strangers? Go as the most important musical act of the year—Taylor Swift. But don’t dress as TSwift herself. Instead, go as a track off her latest album 1989. Pick your favorite tune (if you can even choose—how do you decide, they’re all so good!!) and commit to it. Bonus points if you have 15 other friends who can dress up as the rest of the album (obviously the deluxe edition with the bonus tracks)! This Halloween, skip the Sia nude leotard and the Frozen group costume, and go as any of the now-classic songs off the year’s biggest album.

[Full disclosure, all of these costumes are exceptionally lazy, but if you’re reading a list of Halloween costumes on Halloween, I figure you were looking for lazy.]

1. Welcome to New YorkThis one is easy. Dress as the Statue of Liberty. All you need is a green sheet to wrap yourself in and maybe one of those foam crowns. Carry a book and a rolled up newspaper to look like a torch and you’re all set. Even easier version: wear an I <3 NY shirt (or draw I <3 NY on a white t-shirt) and one of those greeting signs people hold up at the airport.

Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

2. Blank Space – Taylor’s got a long list of ex-lovers and they’ll tell you she’s insane. Maybe you have a similarly long list. Get a white t-shirt and write on it a list of all your exes, but leave the last spot on the list blank. It’s also a built-in pick up line at parties. Walk up to your potential Halloween fling, point at your shirts and say,“I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name.” Fool proof. (BONUS: you could also go as a “nightmare dressed like a daydream,” whatever that means)

3. Style – Another easy one because the lyrics literally describe what you’re wearing. This one works great as a couple’s costume. Boys, you’re going for a James Dean look—long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt. Girls, classic red lip, tight little skirt. That’s it. Maybe get into loud fights at your Halloween party but then keep staring at each other because you just can’t quit the other person.

4. Out of the Woods – First, dress as a tree. This can be as elaborate or as lazy as you would like. For the laziest, wear brown pants, a green shirt, and maybe go outside and grab a few leaves to stick on your shirt and hair. Then make or buy small figures of people that you hold on to all night. Get it? Because they’re in the woods. For real TSwift/Harry Styles fans, wear a necklace of a paper airplane that Taylor talks about in the song.

Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay – Stand in one place for the entire party. Don’t leave the spot you’re standing in. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Then at the end of the night, don’t leave. Just stay. That’s all you have to do.

6. Shake It Off – A few options here. At various points in the music video for this song, Taylor dresses as a ballerina—both in full Swan Lake attire and in basic workout clothes—a break dancer, some kind of all-gold futuristic jumpsuit, a ribbon dancer, and a cheerleader. Any of those are a great choice. If you can get a bunch of regular looking randos to follow you around and dance around, like Taylor does in the video, that’s even better. Or you could just have hella good hair.

Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

7. I Wish You Would – Get a broken watch and set it to 2 AM, and tell people it’s 2 AM all night. Wear some large buttons for people to press. Not a lot going on visually in this song, so we don’t have much to work with. You could also dress as any character from the musical ‘Into The Woods’ and sing the classic song ‘I Wish,’ just to confuse people.

8. Bad Blood – This song is reportedly about Swift’s feud with Katy Perry, so dress as your favorite era Katy Perry. The ‘California Girls’ blue hair look is pretty old, but instantly recognizable. Katy Perry went as a Cheeto for Halloween this year, so you can add an extra layer of meta by going as Katy Perry dressed as a Cheeto. Another alternative is just a bunch of fake blood with tiny band-aids over some really large wounds.

Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

9. Wildest Dreams – The ultimate lazy costume! Wear a nice dress. Make-up: red lips and rosy cheeks. You can walk around saying to people, “say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset.”

10. How You Get The Girls – The easiest way to go with this song is to dress as a wet ghost, because the first line of the song is “Stand there like a ghost, shaking from the rain.” The classic cut-two holes in a bed sheet will do fine, just run the bed sheet under the sink first.

11. This Love – I’ve listened to 1989 approximately 17,000 times since it came out, but I could not tell you anything about this song. It’s just a sad poem. Therefore, the best costume I could come up with is to write the lyrics of the song on a t-shirt. Pretty self explanatory.

12. I Know Places – Dress as a fox. Wear a reddish color, try to find some animal ears that look like they could belong to a fox, and put on a tail. To make it a group costume, some people can be foxes and others can be vultures. Or if you want to take it less literally, two people can be Taylor Swift and Harry Styles and everyone else can be ruthless paparazzi.

Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas

13. Clean – Find a dress that you don’t particularly care about and spill wine all over it, “like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear any more.” Then get your hair wet or put a lot of gel in it so it looks wet, because Taylor doesn’t stop talking about rain in this song.


14. Wonderland – Wear a light blue dress with a white apron on top and a headband, and you’re Alice In Wonderland. You can really pick any character from Alice in Wonderland, so this will also work as a group costume. People will just assume you’re the characters from Alice In Wonderland, so you’ll really blow their minds when you explain the extra level of topical you’ve got going on. (side note: how is this song only on the deluxe edition, IT’S SO GOOD)

15. You R In Love – I’m going to take the grammatically egregious ‘R’ in the title of this song to mean that Taylor is ironically singing this over-the-top sapfest of a song from the perspective of a tween who is a little too dramatic about their relationship. For this costume, wear whatever you think a young Taylor Swift fan might wear. A crop top, flower crown, basically whatver the kids in Rookie are rocking right now. Then text on your phone a lot and say ‘LOL’ and ‘IRL’ out loud.

16. New Romantics – For our final ‘1989’ inspired costume, you can go as someone who has recently suffered heartbreak. Mascara running down your face, maybe cry once in a while, but then pick yourself up and get on the dance floor, because “we are too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet.”

Keep the costume simple, and just sell it. It’ll really help if you always keep a Taylor Swift mentality, which probably involves taking perfect instagram photos with your best friends and dancing until you can’t feel your feet. Even if the party is over and the host is trying to get you to leave. Tell them you can’t, because you know Taylor would want you to stay.