Our analysis of the perfect (and potential) matches in Season 2 of Are You The One

Are You The One Season 2 Matchup Grid

December 02, 2014 / by / 1 Comment

We’ve almost found out all of the perfect matches on Season 2 of MTV’s reality TV show Are You The One. Here’s how:

Following Episode 7, our expert data analysts uncovered 11 possible remaining scenarios and simulated each one. Of those 11 remaining scenarios, only four resulted in match-ups that were mathematically possible. Two of those four potential scenarios were eliminated in Episode 8 when we learned that Nathan and Christina were not a match.

Both of the final two possible grids listed Ellie and Nathan as a couple. When they weren’t together in the matchup, we knew that both of their pairings would be wrong. Additionally, if Ellie and Layton are not a couple, then Ashley and Dario must be a couple.

The number of beams in the eighth matchup ceremony knocked out one of the two final possible scenarios, since we now know Anthony isn’t matched with Brianna. The rest falls into place pretty quickly from there.

Which brings us to the Almighty Grid, with Christina’s match remaining our only unknown:

The perfect (and potential) matches in MTV's Are You The One Season 2


X = Cannot possibly be a match

Green = Perfect match

Blue = Potential match

A number = Episode in which the couple was together for a matchup ceremony.

For those keeping track at home, here’s the episode-by-episode matchup ceremony analysis:

Episode-by-episode analysis of Season 2 of MTV's Are You The One? reality TV show

Summary of Findings

We’ve found 10 out of 11 perfect matches through Episode 9.

Perfect matches: John and Jenni, Nathan and Ellie, Curtis and Shelby, Brandon and Brianna, Pratt and Paris, Garland and Jessica, Dario and Ashley, Alex and Jasmine, Anthony and Alex, and Layton and Ty.

Potential Christina double-matches: Garland, Dario, Anthony, and Layton.