Our guide to the gambling bacchanal of the Super Bowl, complete with every prop bet you'll ever need.

The only Super Bowl betting guide you’ll ever need

February 06, 2016 / by , , / 1 Comment

Super Bowl 50 is almost here, which means that along with a veritable bacchanal of media frenzy, ritualistic violence, and Phil Simms crimes against the English language, we also get to gamble on just about every aspect of the game.

The National Ave podcast episode 1

The National Podcast, episode 1: The Podcast v. O.J. Simpson

February 05, 2016 / by , / 3 Comments

Welcome to the inaugural first episode of The National Podcast! In our first episode, National Ave co-editor-in-chief Stephen Rees and writer Jon Schneidman sit down to talk about all things The People v. O.J. Simpson, plus the upcoming gambling bacchanal of the Super Bowl. 


Roger Goodell vs. Jabba the Hutt: Who’s the Better Commissioner?

January 27, 2016 / by , / 1 Comment

As the National Football League continues to fall under scrutiny for a litany of wrongdoings, ranging from player safety concerns to player-wife-or-girlfriend safety concerns, Roger Goodell’s standing with football fans has become ever more contentious. Many have suggested his direct involvement in the mishandling of the NFL’s many controversies since the beginning of his tenure, and even more believe he is a detriment to the sport.

The Chargers and Rams are likely to relocate to Los Angeles and a new Inglewood stadium

It looks like the Rams and the Chargers are heading for L.A., and everybody seems pretty cool with that

January 12, 2016 / by / 2 Comments

According to the Los Angeles Times, “a consensus is building” within the NFL to relocate both the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles.

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Review 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Review ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

January 11, 2016 / by , / 0 Comment

Stephen A. Smith: Okay, today we are here to review The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars film that EVERYBODY is talking about! Skip, let’s go, what did you think?

Who you should support, and who you shouldn't, for the 2016 NFL playoffs.

Your Official NFL Playoffs Rooting Interests Guide

January 08, 2016 / by , / 0 Comment

The NFL Playoffs are almost here, and amid all the talk of concussion policy HGH use Cam Newton’s touchdown celebrations, it’s time for fans of the 20 teams not to make the playoffs choose which bandwagon they’ll jump onto.

A Chicago legend disappoints us all by caving to Big Shampoo and its hairy agenda.

Brian Urlacher has hair now, and we’ve lost our national innocence

January 05, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The dark side… and the shaved.


The Indisputable Rankings of All 40 Bowl Games: Part 2 (20-1)

December 16, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

Welcome back to National Ave’s full bowl season game rankings. In this article we’ll explore the games you’ll actually watch, rankings 20 through 1.

NFL gifts of shame for that special someone.

The absolute worst NFL gifts money can buy

December 12, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

We’ve carefully scoured the web to find the absolute worst NFL-related gift you can get that special someone, from the guy who recently converted from a Seahawks fan into a diehard Panthers supporter to the loser of your fantasy football league.


The Indisputable Rankings of All 40 Bowl Games: Part 1 (40-21)

December 07, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

Bowl season is upon us, which means it’s time to get excited for ten great games of college football and thirty shitty ones.