The Chargers and Rams are likely to relocate to Los Angeles and a new Inglewood stadium

It looks like the Rams and the Chargers are heading for L.A., and everybody seems pretty cool with that

January 12, 2016 / by / 2 Comments

According to the Los Angeles Times, “a consensus is building” within the NFL to relocate both the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles.


7 Reasons Why Los Angeles Is a Shitty Garbage City

May 30, 2015 / by / 24 Comments

Los Angeles is the taint of the United States: It’s hot, it smells funny, and the only people into it are real freaks. Here’s why Los Angeles is a shitty garbage city:

Determining the better aging low-post player according to their musical performances of "Winning Streak" and "How To Save a Life."

Pau Gasol vs. Carlos Boozer: A musical analysis

July 13, 2014 / by / 15 Comments

Pau Gasol is going to the Chicago Bulls, and seemingly for the first time in his career Carlos Boozer is hustling so that the door won’t hit him on the way out.

The cruel finale of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin's merciless killing off of the series' major characters

BREAKING: George R.R. Martin kills off producers of “Game of Thrones”

April 14, 2014 / by / 31 Comments

LOS ANGELES–In an unforeseen turn of events in the fantasy series Game of Thrones, author George R.R. Martin killed off all of the show’s producers during last night’s Game of Thrones production meeting.