Operate on America: 9 frequently asked questions about our mission

February 24, 2014 / by / 24 Comments

America is in the midst of a health care crisis.  Over 40 million Americans lack health insurance.  Many of those who have insurance do not receive adequate care, remaining victims of a broken healthcare system. While daunting, we believe that this is a problem we can address.


5 Things I Learned from Deactivating Facebook

February 19, 2014 / by / 41 Comments

I got a Facebook account when I was fifteen years old. Like most decisions I made as an adolescent, it was driven by a desire to get closer to a girl. Going in, I didn’t have a solid understanding of Facebook, much less how I would use it. I had tuned out the rise and fall of Myspace, I never took pictures of myself or my friends, and I feared the overly inquisitive status bar’s constant question, “What are you thinking?”


There Are No Gays in Russia, and This Won’t Affect the Olympics Anyway

February 06, 2014 / by / 21 Comments

Observations on Russian homophobia from my time abroad.


Rowling Admits She Shouldn’t Have Included Magic in Harry Potter

February 05, 2014 / by / 11 Comments

LONDON — J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, admitted in a press conference this morning that she regrets her inclusion of magic in the best-selling novels.


What’s our story?

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You don’t often hear people suggest that great things start with two guys drinking Old Style in an empty Chicago bar. In fact, the greatest thing that probably came of such a scenario was Rod Blagojevich’s governorship, and that isn’t even a “Great Wall of China” kind of great, but more of a “Voldemort did great things. Terrible, but great” kind of great.


A Course Catalog for Recent College Graduates

February 03, 2014 / by / 16 Comments

Course listings for the overeducated and underemployed.


An Open Letter to BWW’s Thai Curry Wings

January 30, 2014 / by / 44 Comments

Esteemed Thai Curry Wings, I’m currently writing you from my lovely porcelain throne, the former crown jewel of my bathroom which is now facing a most terrible onslaught of gastro-intestinal rage.


If Every Famous Photograph Were Taken By HONY

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“What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever gotten through together?” “Either sustaining heavy casualties while clearing out an island infested with hidden bunkers over the course of five bloody weeks, or syphilis.”