Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Review 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Review ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

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Stephen A. Smith: Okay, today we are here to review The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars film that EVERYBODY is talking about! Skip, let’s go, what did you think?

What can Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell's 2003 Christmas classic 'Elf' teach us about the fight to defeat ISIS?

What Can ‘Elf’ Teach Us About Defeating ISIS?

December 18, 2015 / by / 35 Comments

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as “ISIL,” “ISIS,” “IS,” or simply “Daesh,” is a dangerous terrorist organization that must be defeated. 2003’s Elf is a delightful holiday movie, directed by Jon Favreau and starring the charismatic Will Ferrell in one of the most beloved Christmas movies in recent memory.

Wondering how contemporary news organizations would cover the events of Star Wars

If The Events of Star Wars Were Covered By Major Media News Outlets

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How would contemporary media organizations cover the events of the Star Wars universe?


GOP Candidates As Very Minor Characters in Star Wars

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In light of tonight’s release of The Force Awakens, the Internet has been producing unthinkable amounts of content related to the hit series, ranging from Disney-sponsored Spotify playlists to Bill Kristol’s unwanted musings on meritocracy to the inevitable Salon thinkpiece bravely wading through the almost-unanimous excitement about the movie to find something about which to needlessly complain.

Was the live action version of the Grinch a chilling prediction of the circumstances that would bring about the Black Lives Matter movement?

A Reminder That How The Grinch Stole Christmas Isn’t NOT About the Black Lives Matter Movement

December 11, 2015 / by / 1 Comment

Ron Howard and Jim Carrey’s live-action version of Dr. Seuss’ beloved How The Grinch Stole Christmas may have plenty of its detractors, but the film is the second-highest grossing holiday movie of all time, and its zany visual effects and inventive adaptation of Seuss’ original story continues to live out the rest of its day in the convalescence home of ABC Family’s Christmas movie lineup.

Upcoming bombshells author J.K. Rowling plans on dropping about the Harry Potter series

The Next 33 Things J.K. Rowling Will Retroactively Change About Harry Potter

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Ever since the Harry Potter series concluded in 2007, J.K. Rowling has been dropping revelations about the books, from Dumbledore’s sexuality to Ron’s near death to the correct pronunciation of “Voldemort.” Here are the next 33 bombshells Rowling plans on dropping about Harry Potter:

Ranking all 14 of the celebrity appearances on Bill Murray's 'A Very Murray Christmas' Netflix special

All Of The Celebrity Appearances in ‘A Very Murray Christmas,’ Ranked

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Bill Murray’s A Very Murray Christmas special dropped last Friday on Netflix, to the delight of twee and Bill Murray ironic t-shirt wearing audiences everywhere.  


There’s A Court Case About Gollum In Turkey Because God Loves Us

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The Associated Press reported this morning that Bilgin Ciftci, a Turkish doctor recently accused of defaming President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by comparing him to Gollum on social media, has had his trial adjourned until February 23 while a panel of psychological and cinematic experts determine whether Gollum is actually good or evil.


Spectre Wasn’t the Classic Bond Film It Wanted To Be

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If you asked a 007 enthusiast to reconstruct a new Bond story based on his favorite parts of the first 23 installments in the franchise, it would probably look a hell of a lot like Spectre. Well, sort of.

We didn't need a new Star Wars movie

Our Cultural Obsession With Nostalgia Is Stunting Our Growth

October 21, 2015 / by / 3 Comments

How excited you are about the new Star Wars flick is directly related to how young you were when you were first introduced to Star Wars.