Here, Have Some Taylor Swift 4th of July Pics With Kafka Quotes On Them

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In the spirit of acknowledging Taylor Swift’s unequivocal worstness, we made you a gift to honor the timeless musings of Franz Kafka and the unthinkable self-indulgence of Taylor Swift’s persona. We hope you like it.


Here Are 60 Snow-based Pun Hashtags For Your Annoying Instas This Weekend

January 22, 2016 / by , , / 1 Comment

The East Coast is rapidly descending into godless chaos today, as the “Storm of the Century” nears its arrival.

Who you should support, and who you shouldn't, for the 2016 NFL playoffs.

Your Official NFL Playoffs Rooting Interests Guide

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The NFL Playoffs are almost here, and amid all the talk of concussion policy HGH use Cam Newton’s touchdown celebrations, it’s time for fans of the 20 teams not to make the playoffs choose which bandwagon they’ll jump onto.