A triumph of both lyrically tenderness and lo-fi intensity, Puberty 2 has overtaken Kanye West’s ever-evolving The Life of Pablo as the best album of the year.

500 words on Why Mitski’s Puberty 2 is my favorite Album of 2016

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I’m an easy person to please. I like my rock n’ roll sad and about love. The more times someone sings “cry” the better. I have the album cover of Sea Change on my bedroom wall for crying out loud.

Our panel of experts answer the age-old question.

Who are the 100 Greatest Shitty Bands of All Time?

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There are a lot of shitty bands out there. And, much like snowflakes or KISS solo albums, each shitty band is uniquely shitty in their own special way.

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Unreleased Tracks from the Sufjan Stevens Album ‘Illinois’

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“Springfield” (Part I:  I guess we’re picking the City with the Most Generic Name as our Capital – Part II: Let’s Throw Some Abraham Lincoln Stuff in Here to make it Worthwhile for School Field Trips)

Watching American Idiot explode as a fourth grader

When the Heart like a Hand Grenade Blew Up

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Happy Green Day! Our National Ave writers celebrate the 10th anniversary of Green Day’s American Idiot by looking back on what the album meant in 2004. When American Idiot came out, I had just started fourth grade. The election was right around the corner and I was staunchly pro-Kerry for no reason other than the media I consumed told me that Republicans are evil (which, I suppose, I still think is true). The election, the Philadelphia Eagles, and music were the things I was most interested in at this time.

Returning to Guided By Voices' album "Bee Thousand" on its 20th Anniversary

How Robert Pollard Changed My Life

June 20, 2014 / by / 135 Comments

There have been numerous times in my life where I have been told that “this band will change your life.” Usually, the life changing band in question would be the requisite four guys in hipster clothing that make up the latest indie band of the moment. Sometimes, the band would fail to really gel with me.

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Unbeliever: Why beloved band Vampire Weekend doesn’t click with me

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It all began with this brief profile in Paste Magazine. That’s when I figured they weren’t for me. Paste writer Rachael Maddux called them “polite punk.” Gross.


It Has a Nice Ring When You Laugh: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain at 20

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There is no real way for me to remember 1994. Sure, I can scour the internet and annoy my parents to get enough information to form an adequate picture of 1994, but defining what 1994 was like is still nearly impossible considering that I was a year away from being a member of this planet. The only way I can define 1994 is through music.