YouTube's best with under 1,000,000 views

6 Classic YouTube Videos (with under 1,000,000 views)

March 04, 2014 / by / 27 Comments

Have you ever found yourself shooting the shit with your friends, swapping hilarious YouTube videos and trying to prove who amongst you is the most cultured? It’s basically the only acceptable time and place in which you can act like a total hipster and have no one shit all over your face and/or kick you in the nuts.


Why You Hate Fans Of All 32 NFL Teams

February 13, 2014 / by / 16 Comments

Having just experienced the first Sunday without football, or the expectation of football, since early September, I’ve made the executive decision that I will not be able to quit cold turkey the drug that gives me reason to live. So before I enter the annual period of sustained self-reflection that characterizes February-September for every NFL fan, I’m going to take this opportunity to shit on the fanbases of all 32 NFL teams.